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Irondequoit Winter Parking Ordinance

Like many towns and villages in Monroe County, Irondequoit prohibits parking on public roadways or grass on right-of-ways annually from November 1st through April 15th from Midnight to 9am. This law has been enforced for over 20 years, and the Town of Irondequoit does it’s best to inform residents about the ordinance each season. The ordinance is in effect to make plowing and salting of dedicated streets within the Town safer and more effective, cutting the cost of snow removal and saving tax dollars. 

Violation of the winter parking ordinance will result in a parking ticket carrying a $50 fine. Fines double to $100 after 30 days. Vehicles that must be towed will be towed at owners’ expense.  Please call the Irondequoit Police Department at 585-336-6000 if your vehicle is towed.

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