Street Trees

Street Tree Request Form | Planting Your Own RoW Tree

The Town currently has an in-house program to trim and remove trees from the Town rights-of-way. The current policy is to remove from the rights-of-way only dead or severely damaged trees that pose an imminent threat to life or property.

In the event that a resident would like to plant a replacement tree in the right-of-way, this may be done by first contacting the Bureau of Public Works for assistance with the selection of appropriate species and planting techniques.

If you are interested in your home being considered for the planting of a new street tree in the right-of-way please fill out our Street Tree Request Form.

Planting Your Own Tree in the Town Right of Way

  1. Homeowners must submit an application that provides a detailed description of the proposed work, including: the number, species, sizes, and locations of the proposed trees. Planting locations should be shown on a plan or sketch, and must be clearly marked for review.
    1. The town discourages the planting of evergreen species within rights-of-way or adjacent to rights-of-way which are susceptible to damage from salt spray. Consideration should be given to choose appropriate deciduous trees which are not susceptible to salt spray and will not cause vision obstructions for pedestrians and drivers.
    2. All trees shall have an average crown spread of greater than 15 feet and having trunks which can be maintained in a clean condition free of branches 5 feet above ground level. Trees shall be a minimum caliper of 3 inches measured at 4 inches above ground level.
  2. The Applicant must file a 199 Right of Way permit with the Department of Public Works, located at 1280 Titus Ave, Rochester, NY 14617. The form is available online here.
  3. If the applicant uses a private contractor to plant a right of way tree, the vendor must provide insurance to the Town along with the 199 permit.
  4. If the applicant is planting the tree themselves, it is their responsibility to either call 811 Dig Safely NY, or to place a dig request at their website, at least 3 days before work is planned.
  5. The new right of way tree should also meet the conditions below:
    1. Trees planted within the right-of-way are to be guaranteed for one year from the date of planting.
    2. Trees are to be handled and transported with good nursery practices.
    3. Each planting shall be watered well at the time of planting.
    4. Trees are to be local or northern grown.
    5. Trees are to be supplied with well-developed root systems.
    6. Trees are to have straight trunks with well-developed heads.