Irondequoit Bay Slope Vegetation Management Plan

The steep slopes around Irondequoit Bay consist primarily of fine sands and silts of nearly uniform consistency.  This soil composition makes the slopes highly susceptible to erosion.  

Vegetation reduces the occurrence of erosion and failure by holding the soil particles in place with its roots as storm water runs off along the surface.

The Slope Vegetation Management Plan is a strategy to use the best environmental management practices to help prevent slope erosion and failure.  

In the past, unstable slopes were stabilized reactively after they failed.  This is a complicated and expensive solution.  

In 2006, the Town received a grant from the Lake Ontario Coastal Initiative to create a plan to prevent failures before they occur, noting that prevention is cheaper than remediation. The Irondequoit Bay Slope Vegetation Management Plan is thus a proactive approach to preserving one of Irondequoit’s unique environmental resources.