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Irondequoit Cemetery

The Irondequoit Cemetery is located on Culver Road. Consisting of a mausoleum and traditional grave sites, it offers an atmosphere of dignity and comfort to the families and friends of the deceased.


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To Our Lot Holders and Visitors

The Regulations described herein are designed for the protection of all our lot holders and generally provide for a uniformity that will help in the maintenance of our grounds and not infringe on the rights of other lot holders. We know that complete agreement on proper plantings and decorations is not possible. We will however enforce these regulations fairly and consistently. The Regulations are intended to define an orderly plan of planting, care, and maintenance. Many of the items permitted in the past are now prohibited in order to comply with OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) regulations as they relate to the protection of our employees, and also to our visitors. Your cooperation in complying with these rules is appreciated as we strive to preserve the beauty and dignity of the Irondequoit Cemetery.


Planting Regulations - Lots and Graves
All planting and winter wreaths must be confined to an area not more than 12 inches out from the monument or marker.

Upright Monumented Lots 
Planting is restricted to the front side of the monument only and must not exceed the length of the monument.
Non Upright Monumented Lots
(Flat grass markers)
Planting is restricted to the front side of the marker only and must not exceed the length of the marker.
Other Regulations
  • The cemetery prefers that lot holders limit the height of plantings to 18 inches to maintain a sense of order in relation to other plantings in the immediate area.
  • Artificial flowers or ornaments are not allowed. This is a safety regulation, as the risk of these sharp objects being picked up by a mower or snow removal equipment is very real. Air-borne objects could cause injury to either our employees or a visitor to our grounds.
  • Crushed stone, wood chips and shells on graves are strictly prohibited for the same reasons as above. These will be removed by the Cemetery and disposed of.
  • It is prohibited to outline graves by stripping the sod in a border effect around the grave.
Natural Flowers 
Fresh flowers may be placed on graves in metal or plastic cemetery vases only. Potted plants not to exceed 8 inches in diameter. Warning - no glass can be used either above or below the ground for flowers. This is a serious safety hazard to all concerned. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove decorations that have become withered or unsightly, or that violate the regulations contained herein, to maintain the best appearance of the grounds. Funeral flowers will be removed by the Cemetery, preferably on the day of interment. Should members of the family wish to preserve some of them, we respectfully suggest that this be done at the time of the interment service.
Winter Decorations 
The Cemetery permits the placing of wreaths, natural or artificial and crosses, not more than 12" out from the monument or marker on graves from November 1st to April 15th. Should you wish to save your decoration, please remove it prior to April 15th. Most cemetery wreaths are 17 inches to 24 inches in diameter and they may be set on standards or easels or hung on monuments. Please use non metallic cord as metal tends to rust and permanently stains the monument. Metal stakes in ground are not allowed. HEARTS, BIBLES OR NOVELTIES, are not permitted AT ANY TIME. These items tend to disrupt the beauty and serenity of an area and have been a constant complaint from adjacent lot holders. Evergreen grave blankets are never permitted.
Permanent Plantings
Shrubs, bushes or trees may not be planted on lots or graves. In sections where such plantings already exist, the Cemetery, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to remove any or all of these as conditions warrant.
General Rules and Observations
Since there is an established plan for landscaping Cemetery property, Lot Holders are not allowed to mow or fertilize their lots as this help, though well-intentioned, very often conflicts with the regular Cemetery care. Over-cutting and over-fertilizing occurring when both Management and Lot Holders attempt such maintenance could result in unattractive lawns. American flags, up to 12 by 18 inches, may be placed in planting area only, on graves commencing Memorial Day. In respect for the flag, and in concern for the general appearance of the Cemetery, the Cemetery will, at its discretion, remove any flags that have become unsightly. Power mowers, operated by anyone other than Cemetery employees, are strictly forbidden. The liability resulting from personal injury and property damage that can be caused by these machines makes it imperative that the Rule be strictly observed
The following are not allowed: 
  • Temporary crosses (winter only) or grave markers, statues, votive lights or any other specialty lights, toys, novelties, fences, wood, wire or plastic trellises, tripods or stands for flowers. These will be removed and disposed of by the Cemetery.
  • Spading the surface, excavating, altering the grade, laying or removing sod.
  • Fraternal or veterans' emblems, wood or metal.
Mausoleum Decorations 
No objects of any kind, floral, decorative, or photos may be placed on the crypt/niche front at any time. Any such objects shall be removed and will be disposed.

Services will not be scheduled on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Additional Service Fees will be added to the regular service fee.

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