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Irondequoit Bay State Marine Park

The new playground offers an exciting new oppurunity to recreate and play in a historically under utilized park.

While not constructed yet due to lumber production delays, the pavilion will be constructed later this summer and can be used by families on a first come first serve basis. The pavilion cannot be reserved, and thus will be open to be used by patrons of the playground.

The canoe kayak launch offers and easy location for patrons to offload their rig and easily maneuver to the waters edge. The flexi pave surface allows the canoe, kayak, water board, or other rig to be dragged to the waters edge without threat to damage or scratch the bottom.

The new parking lot offers additional spaces for passenger vehicles to park and visit the local area / establishments.  We stress that passenger vehicles must park in these designated spaces and not within the truck and trailer parking spaces.

The new truck and trailer parking area has been improved to ensure that even during high and low water conditions, the launch can remain open. We again stress that this lot is for truck and trailer parking only. Vehicles without trailers found parking within these spaces will be ticketed by the Irondequoit Police Department. Further any vehicle which does not pay for and display the parking ticket clearly on their dashboard will also be ticketed.

The new launch allows boats to be launch during high and low water level conditions. As was previously installed, the first two launches are to ‘Launch’ vessels. The last launch is to ‘retrieve’ vessels. The arrows clearly mark launch and retrieve.

The new transient docks offer patrons an opportunity to moor up temporarily and visit the local establishments. These docks are for temporary use and are free of charge. They are not to be used for overnight docking and vessels will be ticketed and removed if they are found to be mooring overnight. During peak times, the transient docks should be used by boaters seeking to retrieve. Temporarily mooring up at these docks and then getting the truck and trailer in place for retrieval.

The ADA fishing platform offers those with differing needs an opportunity to fish near the main channel.

We stress that refuse and garbage must be placed into designated trash receptacles. Littering will not be tolerated and the Irondequoit Police Department will be actively ticketing individuals for littering.

Any questions, maintenance concerns or comments can be directed to the Department of Public Works, 585-336-6090.

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