Irondequoit Cable Access Television (ICAT) serves more than 13,000 cable subscribers in the Town of Irondequoit through:
Government Access: Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) Ch. 1303
Public/Educational Access: Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) Ch. 1301

The mission of ICAT is to enhance the quality of life by providing the opportunity to create, produce, and view diverse television programming.

What is Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Access Television?

Federal Communications Commission PEG definition 

Public Access: enables people to express their creativity, explore important issues, and exercise their first amendment rights through television. Public access gives everyone a voice!

Education Access: ICAT works with local schools, both public and private, by providing resources and a presentation venue for student activities, programs, and projects. 

Government Access: programming makes local government more accessible to area residents and provides an important communication link between the local jurisdictions and the community. The Irondequoit Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board Meetings are regularly covered and rebroadcast. 

Government programming also includes covering board and commission meetings; other important public affairs shows that go in-depth on local issues; candidate forums; coverage of special public meetings; and a listing of announcements and events on ICAT's community bulletin board.

Who is Irondequoit Cable Access Television?

ICAT is YOU! It's your elected officials, your churches, your arts, your schools, your kids, your pets, your friends and neighbors. 

ICAT is a venue where you can watch your grandchildren perform in a local production and a place where local churches can reach out to shut-ins and the elderly by taping/airing their Sunday services. ICAT extends the capabilities of local schools by providing students exposure and experience in the growing career area of video production. And ICAT brings the issues and complexities of local government directly into your homes. 

ICAT operates with a small staff of enthusiastic individuals who work under the direction of the Supervisor and Town Board. Many creative volunteers also contribute to ICAT programming.

How is Irondequoit Cable Access Television funded?

ICAT is funded by a franchise fee assessed upon Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) as compensation for the use of the public right of way to install cable throughout the Town of Irondequoit. In addition to paying a franchise fee, Spectrum also makes channel space available for ICAT.

Where do the programs seen on ICAT come from?

Irondequoit Cable Access Television offers a wide variety of programming to satisfy and stimulate the interest of all of our viewers. Programs seen on ICAT are:

  • Produced in-house, which means the program is created, written and produced by ICAT staff.
  • Submitted locally from your friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens who produce and submit their own programs.
  • Imported from producers around the world.

Can I submit a program to Irondequoit Cable Access Television that I completed on my own or acquired from another source?

Programs produced independent of ICAT resources, or from outside of our community, may be submitted for cablecast consideration on ICAT. For more information, please view our Cable Casting Request Form.

How do I get my Event on the ICAT bulletin board?

Submissions for events can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please include date, time, location, brief description of the event and a contact number/email address. Events will be run for at least 7 days prior to the date of the event.

*Please Note* Ticket prices cannot be mentioned and submitted information on the bulletin board may be edited by ICAT in order to fit digital format restrictions.

Can I get copies, transfers and duplications of videotapes or DVDs?

DVD copies of ICAT-produced programs can be purchased for $5.00 each. Tape transfer and duplication services are also available. Please call us at 585-336-7273 to order a copy of a program or for details on our transfer and duplication services. Only non-copyrighted material will be transferred or duplicated.

What if I don't have Cable?

With the evolution of digital media technologies, ICAT has instituted an online alternative to cable programming in the interest of further promoting open government. ICAT-Government Access currently streams meetings while they are live at the Irondequoit Facebook Page.

Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board meetings are also available 24/7 on your schedule here.

Copies of Board Meetings are also available on DVD at the Irondequoit Public Library.