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Comprehensive Master Plan


What will it be like to live in Irondequoit five years from now? Ten years from now? What steps does the community need to take to make life in Irondequoit the best it can possibly be? The Comprehensive Plan is a vehicle through which a community can respond to these questions. It enables residents to create a vision for their community’s future, and then outline the goals, strategies and projects required to achieve that vision. The plan addresses all aspects of community life. Through its policy recommendations, it suggests new ways of making a living, protecting open space and environmental assets, enhancing recreational opportunities, attracting visitors, and revitalizing neighborhoods.

Work on the Town of Irondequoit Comprehensive Plan began with an inventory analysis of the town and its surroundings. Information was gathered regarding land use patterns, economic and demographic trends, environmental features, transportation networks, and other relevant data. In order to develop a plan that reflects the voice of the community, the planning process drew upon focus group meetings, general public meetings and design workshops, interviews with Town and business leaders, and a Comprehensive Plan website that allowed the public to voice its ideas.

The plan focused on a number of pertinent issues including neighborhoods, parks and recreation, future land use, and community design. In addition, a detailed implementation schedule was developed to help the Town leaders organize projects and formulate annual improvement plans. The recommendations embrace both short-term and long-term projects that will together lead to an improved quality of life for Irondequoit’s residents, both present and future.


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