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Building Neighborhoods

As one town, Irondequoit shares many assets such as a gleaming library, a beautiful waterfront and a wide selection of community festivals and parades. However, we are also a community made up of many smaller neighborhoods, each with their own unique characteristics, assets and celebrations. It is important that our efforts are carefully balanced between uniting our community as a whole while also working to highlight, support and enhance the specific attributes of each neighborhood.In this manner we can develop one strong and vibrant town.

To encourage the growth of formalized neighborhood associations, residents can find many resources here intended to foster new groups, as well as support existing associations.While voluntary, a good neighborhood association can be a vital component to a community and a partner to us here at Town Hall. Neighborhood Associations enhance existing resident relations, assist in channeling information, deter criminal activity and help residents feel a sense of ownership and empowerment to advocate for their community. These groups can also provide opportunities for residents to synergize their efforts with other stakeholders such as business owners, the faith community and school leaders in order to reach common goals.

Unique atmospheres like those already present in areas such as Summerville, Sea Breeze, Laurelton, and Winona Woods not only help to create a sense of place and common good amongst our existing residents but attract new residents to our town and ensures that they are able to find the unique communities, varied housing styles and a diverse array of amenities that are suited for their lifestyle here in Irondequoit. Working to enhance our existing communities and supporting the effort needed to highlight more will only bring additional positive attention to the entire Town of Irondequoit and enhance quality of life for all.

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