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Street Trees

Irondequoit’s urban forest is considered one of its greatest attributes. The importance of trees extends far beyond their landscape value. Trees provide environmental, social, and economic benefits while enhancing the quality of life for our community.

In 2019, the Town of Irondequoit was designated as a Tree City USA, which shows the towns commitment to maintaining a healthy tree canopy throughout Town. Each year, the Department of Public Works removes diseased and dead trees and plants hundreds of new trees in the right of way.

The Town currently has an in-house program to trim and remove trees from the Town right-of-way. The current policy is to remove only dead or severely damaged trees that pose an imminent threat to life or property.

If a resident would like to plant a replacement tree in the right-of-way, this may be done by first contacting the Bureau of Public Works for assistance with the selection of appropriate species and planting techniques. Please review the developed guidance here.

If you are interested in your home being considered for the planting of a new street tree in the right-of-way please fill out our Street Tree Request Form.

While the Town works hard to maintain the Street Trees, there are basic things residence can do to manage their landscape trees. Follow these best management practices below for optimal tree health.

If you have a question or concern about a Right of Way Tree in your area, please call the Public Works line at 336-6090.

Although trees may live for centuries without our help, there are a few simple things residents can do to get the most out of their landscape trees.

Click the links below for proper tree care practices

Contact a credited arborist for further tree health care.

If you have any questions, please contact the Tree Department at 336-6090.

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