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Leaf Disposal


The Town of Irondequoit encourages residents to compost leaves and other waste. The following publications offer easy-to-follow guidance for back yard composting:

Home Composting (Cornell Waste Management Institute)

Building Bins and Boxes for Compost (Cornell Cooperative Extension)


(October 30 - December 17)

Residents can drop off leaves in paper bags at the NEW location at 2629 East Ridge Road

Residents will need to come into the building and show their ID before being able to enter the back of the facility.

Please note: This is for residents only, no contractors allowed.


While the disposal options listed above are preferred, some waste haulers will pick up leaves and compost them. They must be containerized and put out according to your hauler's directions.

Please contact your waste hauler to see if they offer this service. Waste hauler contact information

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