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Irondequoit Cable Access Television (ICAT)

Community Access Schedule (Spectrum: Ch. 1301)

Government Access Schedule (Spectrum: Ch. 1303)

Irondequoit Cable Access Television (ICAT) is committed to the value of community television, consistently delivering local alternatives to commercial broadcast television. ICAT is a window to the Irondequoit community. We provide a voice for local diversity and expression.

Our programs are about you and your family, friends, and neighbors. We share in your successes and connect you to the events that mark your past and shape your future.

We use Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) channel 1303 for Government programming, including programs from Irondequoit, Monroe County, New York and federal government and lawmakers. Channel 1301 features programming from our schools in Irondequoit along with Community Access Programs.


Pursuant to the requirements of 16 NYCRR § 894.5, Frontier Telephone of Rochester, Inc. has submitted an application to the Irondequoit Town Clerk for a franchise agreement to offer cable and video service in Irondequoit.

Frontier Telephone of Rochester, Inc: Application for Cable Franchise in Irondequoit & Proposed Agreement


The Irondequoit Communications Advisory Council and Irondequoit Town staff have developed the Irondequoit Cable Access Television Operation Policies and Procedures. These policies have been reviewed by the Town Attorney and The Irondequoit Town Board. On the twelfth day of January 2011, the Irondequoit Town Board approved the adoption of the Irondequoit Cable Access Television Operation Policies and Procedures.


Producers wishing to utilize ICAT for cablecast of programming must fill out and submit both of the forms listed below.

Questions about policies or forms can be directed to 585-336-7273 Please note that programming schedule is subject to change depending on program availability and special broadcasts

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