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Preservation Commission

The Preservation Commission of the Town of Irondequoit was formed in 2001 to preserve and protect historic sites in the town of Irondequoit. It processes application from people interested in listing their homes and other buildings as local historic sites.

This listing protects structures from inappropriate structural changes and demolition. The commission also offers advice on preserving such structures. The criteria for such listings are set by the State Office of Historic Preservation and the National Park Service of the United States. The commission also has the power to unilaterally list an historic building that the Commission believes is in danger of demolition without the consent of the owners if necessary. Those interested in listing their historic buildings should contact the Town Historian at 336-7269

The group meets at 7:30pm on the fourth Monday of the month in the First Floor Conference Room at the Irondequoit Town Hall.

*Please Note: meeting dates are subject to change. To confirm meeting schedule please call (585) 336-7269 or view the Events Calendar*

Historic Preservation Commission Opening

As of February 25, 2021, the Town of Irondequoit is seeking applications for a qualified candidate to fill a vacancy on the Historic Preservation Commission. The Commission was formed in 2001 to preserve and protect the distinctive elements of the Town of Irondequoit's historic, architectural, and cultural heritage and to foster civic pride and awareness of it. The Commission meets once a month. Potential candidates shall be residents of Irondequoit and have a demonstrated interest in historic preservation and/or the history of the town. To the extent possible, applicants shall also be one of the following: architect, historian, lawyer, realtor, resident of a historic property or district, or member/volunteer of a local historic preservation organization. Those wishing to be considered for a position on the commission shall submit a letter of interest/intent and their resume to Kerry Ivers at


NameTerm Expiration
MemberChristopher BrandtDec. 31 2022
MemberBruce DumbauldDec. 31 2022
MemberMark JohnsDec. 31 2022
MemberThomas KnaufDec. 31 2022
MemberGreg WaltherDec. 31 2022
MemberSarah CoronaDec. 31 2022
Town Historian/MemberMr. Gregory MerrickDec. 31 2024
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