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Frequently Asked Question:

What information do I need to apply for a building permit?


building permit application must be accompanied by a survey map of the property and specifications and/or building plans related to the project. Please note that based on the scope of the project, the application may require the plans be prepared by a NYS licensed design professional (i.e., engineer, architect, landscape architect). 

Can I do the work myself?

Property owners can perform the work themselves, but must be able to meet the NYS Uniform Building and Fire Code requirements of their project. Also, they must complete and sign an affidavit indicating that their homeowners insurance will cover them and the property while the work is underway.

There is one exception: plumbing permits require the work be performed by a plumber licensed in the Town. The list of licensed plumbers is updated throughout the year. The application for becoming a licensed plumber in the Town of Irondequoit is available here.

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