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Frequently Asked Question:

Do I need a building permit?


Permits are required when a project involves framing, insulation, plumbing, electric, foundation work, structural additions/alterations (e.g. addition or removal of walls, changes to size of exterior openings) and/or occupancy of new space (e.g. basement and attic remodeling, etc.). The permit requirements are governed by the NYS Uniform Code.

Cosmetic changes such as paint and carpet, and in-kind replacement of fixtures in the same location (e.g. toilet, sink) do not require a building permit. For more information or to verify  whether your project requires a permit, please check the Building Permit Requirements Sheet or contact the Building Department.

Please be advised that failure to obtain a required building permit is a violation of Town Code, which can result in Code Enforcement action and/or additional permit review fees associated with the as-built condition(s).

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