Application for Redevelopment of 4530 St. Paul Blvd.
(AKA 41 Colebrook Drive)

The coordinated environmental review pursuant to New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) is underway currently. Therefore, it is difficult to provide the exact dates for future decisions. Below is the proposed order in which decisions would be made for this application.

  • SEQRA – The next step requires the Town Board to make its Determination of Significance regarding the coordinated environmental review related to this project. This may occur at the Town Board’s August 15th meeting. However, if more time for review is needed, SEQRA could extend until September 19th.

  • Rezoning Decision – Once SEQRA is complete, the Town Board needs to render its decision on the proposed rezoning. If the Board denies the application, no further reviews/decisions would be required. If the Board approves the rezoning, then the other two Boards would need to act on the applications before them.

  • Site Plan and Subdivision – The Planning Board will consider the site plan and subdivision application related to the proposed new use of the building. This review and approval would likely be taken up first since the Planning Board’s decision(s) may affect what variances are needed.

  • Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) – Area variances related to the creation of a new lot around the existing building and the related plans for shared parking and access between the newly created lot and the existing church parcel would need to be reviewed and approved by the ZBA.

Below the application materials are provided. Please note that the site plan and floor plan documents under the Planning Board are the same plans being reviewed by all boards.

Town Board Application Materials

Planning Board Application Materials

Zoning Board Application Materials

Additional Information