Refuse & Recycling in Irondequoit FAQ

Do I have to have garbage pick up?

  • Yes, each household in Irondequoit is required to have garbage removal from a licensed waste hauler.

What waste haulers have a license to operate in the Town?

  • Click here for a list of current waste haulers that have obtained a license to haul waste in the town. This includes residential, commercial, and dumpster/Roll-Off use.

Can any waste hauler work in the Town?

  • Yes, as long as they have a valid license/permit to operate in the Town. A license is required so ensure that providers carry appropriate insurance and abide by town codes.

I am cleaning out the basement and have a large amount of debris to get rid of. Will my waste hauler take it?

  • Please consider donating some of the re-usable items. Otherwise, you should contact your waste hauler to ask them about large amount of debris for pick up. You may also wish to consider ordering a small dumpster/Roll-Off. A list of licenses dumpster haulers is listed above.

I am having some work done on my house. What happens with the construction material?

  • Typically your contractor is responsible for removing any debris created from work that they perform. You may wish to contact your waste hauler to see what their specific guidelines are regarding debris generated from work that you have done yourself.

Are there special requirements for disposing of old paint, chemicals, cleaners, etc.?

  • Yes, these items are considered hazardous waste and must be disposed off properly. The Town has a hazardous waste drop off every other fall on odd calendar years. Monroe County has a site for disposing of hazardous waste at Eco Park, 10 Avion Drive that is available year round. Please contact Monroe County at or call 753-7600 (option #3) for more information.

How can I properly dispose of electronics and old televisions?

  • You may dispose of items at the Monroe County Eco Park site at 10 Avion Drive. Monroe County Eco Park can be reached at or 753-7600 (option #3) for more information. Please note that some items may require a fee for disposal.

    The Town of Irondequoit typically offers one Electronics Recycling Drop Off Day per year. This event is free to all residents. When available, information on our Electronics Recycling Drop Off Day is posted on the Events Calendar, our Facebook Page, and Twitter account.

When can I put refuse out for pick up?

  • Refuse should be placed at the curb no earlier than 4:00pm on the day prior to your scheduled pickup.

Are low volume rates offered for residents?

  • Yes, per town code, each residential waste hauler is required to provide a low volume rate for households that have small amounts of refuse. Check with the waste haulers for further information.

How do I dispose of yard waste that is not picked up by the Town?

  • The Town will pick up loose (NOT TIED) tree limbs and bushes that residents generate themselves. Please note that this service is strictly for residents that perform the work themselves. Loose tree limbs and brush are picked up during specific scheduled times which can be found by clicking here. Your waste hauler is responsible for picking up any bagged or containerized debris.

    Contractors are required to remove any debris that they generate on behalf of the homeowner.

Who is responsible for picking up leaves?

  • Your waste hauler is responsible for picking up leaves that are containerized. The Town does offer a drop off location for leaves at Camp Eastman during the fall. The Town DOES NOT pick up leaves.

Who is responsible for picking up recycled items?