Proposed Community Center - What is the Plan?

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An extensive community engagement process and market feasibility study helped guide the Town in developing a “program” for the community center, or, what features it would include to meet demand. The Town was met with certain constraints, most chiefly: space and budget considerations. The final proposal looks to incorporate as many features as possible to turn approximately 40,000 square feet into a multi-generational community center.




One of the most common pieces of input heard was the need for gymnasium space. This was heard from people of all ages, ranging from teens wanting space to play basketball to older residents looking for indoor pickleball space. This configuration would allow for 2 full court basketball games, 6 pickleball courts, 2 volleyball game and the ability to provide countless activities for all ages.

Elevated Walking Track
The people spoke, and we listened! The indoor walking track will build on the mall’s legacy of providing residents with the opportunity to beat the winter blues by staying active indoors


Wellness Center
The wellness center, while a small component of the overall center, is essential in meeting market demand. The Town proposes a 4,000 square foot wellness center will provide a full-spectrum of cardio training equipment. The town will look to complement, not compete with, the many private fitness centers in town. As such, there will likely not be any heavy free weights to attract the intense weight-lifters.

Senior Programming
The town intends to move its senior programming operation from the dated, small space at Pinegrove to much more enhanced and suitable space at the new community center. This will not only provide better space for the traditional senior center activities, but, allow our Department of Recreation to completely reimage the programming, both passive and active, the Town provides to residents at all ends of the aging spectrum.

Dance Studio/Group Exercise
This space will be outfitted with hard-wood floors and provide a host of various programming.

Indoor Turf Space
The climate of Upstate New York makes this a necessity. This space would provide a unique amenity that could host any number of activities, ranging from indoor batting cages to dodgeball programming to activities for a birthday party rental.

Multi-Purpose Community Space
Even with the addition of the library and its meeting rooms, there is still a constant demand for , multi-purpose space. The proposed community center would provide three separate spaces, in combined excess of 4,000 square feet, for residents and other organizations to use to meet their needs. Furthermore, larger multi-purpose space adjacent to the kitchen will meet a demand for rentable party/event space.