Resources for Community Building



Neighborhood Association Guidebook
A guidebook designed specifically for Irondequoit residents with the aim of helping community members plan, organize and maintain neighborhood associations for thier communities. The book outlines the step by step process to getting started as well as shares helpful tips and trick to help you be as successful as possible in your endevor.

Neighborhood Association FAQs
Wondering what the differences are between an HOA, a neighborhood watch, a block club and a neighborhood association are? Want to know what counts as a neighborhood? Consdiering how to propose the best bounderies? Learn the anwseres to these questions and more on our FAQs page.

Neighborhood Input Survey
Help the Town learn about what makes the area where you live special. What's the most interesting feature? The best kept secret? What do you love most about your community? We'll use your input to help develop descriptions of each of our neighborhoods,  the we'll identify the unique asssets and use the information gathered to highlight the best parts of our town to others.
Irondequoit is a community made up of many smaller neighborhoods, each with their own unique characteristics, assets, and celebrations. Discover them and learn how to get involved at