Green Building and Remodeling

green houseBuilding green isn't just about improving your health or saving the planet. Today's techniques can also save you money and make your projects more marketable.

Green building techniques reduce energy and water use, improve indoor air quality, are sensitive to site development issues, incorporate environmentally friendly building materials, and more.

Remodeling Help

Remodeling is a big business in Irondequoit. With little land available for new construction, homeowners turn to remodeling as a way to get the house they want in the community 
they love.

Yet, a typical remodel involves a dizzying array of choices... but help is available. The City of Seattle publishes an excellent series of Green Home Remodel Giuides. They cover topics that are common for remodellers everywhere:

Green Home Remodel Overview
Bath and Laundry
Landscape Materials
Salvage and Reuse

There is also help for landlords:

Green Rehabilitation of Multifamily Residential Properties: 
A Resource Guide

How Much Does it Cost?

Click here for Return on Investment data and additional tips on green remodelling. Contrary to popular belief, green building may not always cost more. If it does, a price premium of 1-3% can also pay back over time. Learn more on how to remodel your home, turn up the savings, and use cost-effective eco-friendly and healthy products.


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More Resources

U.S. Green Building Council (LEED)

Energy Star