Home Corps

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, we have all been drafted to a new team, the home team. For some of us that means spending lots of time in our apartment by ourselves and for others that means staying in our house with our five other family members. During this time, the Home Corps is a way for you to stay active as a member of your vibrant Irondequoit community.

You can count me in! Now what?

eye        See something, say something.
As always, call 911 with emergencies. Essential services remain staffed and continue to serve.
hand and heart Check on your neighbors.
Reach out by leaving a note with your neighbors on either side and across from you. Let them know how to contact you if they need help.

Direct neighbors to this page for ideas on how to be an active member of our town, from home!
We have created this webpage for Home Corps. Subscribe to our Irondequoit Home Corps email list to receive updates and ideas on what you can do to help by clicking here.


  • Learn more about your neighborhood association or take steps to start one. Learn more here.
  • Help beautify your property or another’s at a safe distance, Invigorate your part of Irondequoit!
  • Clear your storm sewer of leaves or other blockage. Help only rain go down the drain.
  • Make sure your house numbers are visible from the street.
  • Move debris to your curb if brush pick-up is soon (schedule is here).
  • Wondering if that’s a maple or an oak? Report the town-owned street trees on your property to the Irondequoit Conservation Board who is taking an inventory of all town-owned street trees.
  • Pick-up trash as you take walks in your neighborhood.
  • Send or make cards for nursing home residents.

List updated 4/1/20, send ideas for this list to Alex at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


S.M.A.R.T. Camera Program


***Submit Your Camera***

With the proliferation of privately owned cameras such as the Ring, Nest, Arlo, and more, the Irondequoit Police Department is looking to partner with community homeowners & businesses in our community who would be willing to share their camera footage should a crime occur nearby.

Privately owned camera systems have proved invaluable to IPD's officers and investigators. Video obtained from these camera systems has helped the Irondequoit Police Department to identify suspects, vehicles, and other crucial pieces of evidence, leading to the successful clearance of many crimes.

If you own such a camera system at your home or business and you are willing to assist the Irondequoit Police by sharing video during an investigation, please fill out the online form by clicking here.

For more information, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Community Center - Timeline

Future Community Center - Timeline

What is the Plan? | Timeline | Frequently Asked Questions | Construction Updates

Should the residents of Irondequoit approve this project in July, the Town would immediately begin selecting an architectural firm for final design, as well as a Construction manager. Under a rigorous timeframe, the Town would commence construction in January 2020 and open for business in late 2020.


September 2017: Supervisor Seeley and the Town Board make a public announcement of offer made by the owner of the former Irondequoit Mall (now Skyview on the Ridge) to donate space for the Town to build out a community recreation center.

November 1, 2017: Supervisor Seeley announces a community planning process, including appointing a Community Center Advisory Committee, made up of five residents, as well as key town staff.

November 30, 2017: The Town hosts the first public meeting at the Public Library to garner feedback about what residents’ opinion on what such a facility should incorporate. 125 residents attend.

December 2017 – February 2018: Nearly 1300 Town residents respond to an online survey to allow for feedback about various options for a center

January 2018: The Town’s consultant, Labella Associates, hosts a series of focus groups of community members, centering on: amenities, technology, accessibility and programming.

January 2018: The Town Board contracts with Ballard King Associates to conduct a feasibility study and market analysis to access various operating models for such a facility, as well as the possible revenue generation. The goal of this is to determine: 1) a preferred operating model; 2) an estimate of cost recovery; 3) key amenities based on the public information process

February 28, 2018: The Town, with its consultant LaBella Associates, hosts its second public meeting at Bishop Kearney High School to discuss the initial results of the Public Engagement process. Meeting attendees also receive initial results of the Ballard King marketing and feasibility study.

March 20, 2018: Darrin Barr from Ballard King presents the final Feasibility study to the Town Board at its public monthly meeting

June 2018: The Town next begins the complex process of determining the best legal and financial model to engage the building owner, while protecting the Town’s interests. The Town determines that further design and planning should

December 2018: The Town Board authorizes the execution of a lease agreement, with annual base rent of $1. Included in the lease agreement is a plan to move forward with a schematic design to finalize the project design and cost

January – April 2019: The Town works with Dal Pos Architects, LLC to create a schematic design for both the interior and exterior of the facility. This provides the Town with an understanding of what can be built where, and how much it will cost.

May 21, 2019: The Town Board will set a public referendum for July 30, 2019 for the proposed community center. The voters will be asked to decide if the Town should borrow $7.25 million to finance the facility, and permit using $2.25 million in fund balance.

July 30, 2019: Irondequoit voters approve the referendum vote

August 2019  - January 2020: The Town commences final with design of the facility, working with SWBR Architects who were selected during a competitive Request for Proposals Process. The Town also selected Christa Construction to serve as Construction Manager for the project.

January 22, 2020: Supervisor Seeley and the Town Board join Congressman Joseph Morelle, Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, County Executive Adam Bello and others to break ground on the new project.

February, 2020: Interior demolition begins on the project area.


April, 2020: Renovation of the space will begin. Thus far, all construction bids for the project have come in in under budget

Mid-2021: The Facility will open to the public.


Future Community Center - Construction Updates

What is the Plan? | Timeline | Frequently Asked Questions | Construction Updates

Over the past two months, the Town and its contractors have been busy at the future Irondequoit Community Center.

MAY, 2020: The vast majority of the interior demolition of the Town’s 44,000 square foot space has been completed. All of the partition walls, overhead HVAC, electrical and plumbing have been demolished and removed. At this time the Town’s general trades contractor Javen Construction has commenced the demolition of concrete floors to make way for the gymnasium and are poised to commence the demolition of some interior structural steel.

April Update 1
Photo Taken Late April 2020
 April Update 2
Photo Taken Late April 2020
April Update 3
Photo Taken Late April 2020
 April Update 4
Photo Taken Late April 2020
April Update 5
Photo Taken Late April 2020
 May Update 1
Photo Taken Early May 2020
May Update 2
Photo Taken Early May 2020

Future Irondequoit Community Center - What is the Plan?

What is the Plan? | Timeline | Frequently Asked Questions | Construction Updates

An extensive community engagement process and market feasibility study helped guide the Town in developing a “program” for the community center, or, what features it would include to meet demand. The Town was met with certain constraints, most chiefly: space and budget considerations. The final proposal looks to incorporate as many features as possible to turn approximately 40,000 square feet into a multi-generational community center.



One of the most common pieces of input heard was the need for gymnasium space. This was heard from people of all ages, ranging from teens wanting space to play basketball to older residents looking for indoor pickleball space. This configuration would allow for 2 full court basketball games, 6 pickleball courts, 2 volleyball game and the ability to provide countless activities for all ages.

Indoor Turf Space
The climate of Upstate New York makes this a necessity. This space would provide a unique amenity that could host any number of activities, ranging from indoor batting cages to dodgeball programming to activities for a birthday party rental.



Wellness Center
The wellness center, while a small component of the overall center, is essential in meeting market demand. A 3,000 square foot wellness center will provide a full-spectrum of cardio training equipment. The town will look to complement, not compete with, the many private fitness centers in town. As such, there will likely not be any heavy free weights to attract the intense weight-lifters.

Multi-Purpose Community Space
Even with the addition of the library and its meeting rooms, there is still a constant demand for , multi-purpose space. The proposed community center would provide three separate spaces, in combined excess of 4,000 square feet, for residents and other organizations to use to meet their needs. Furthermore, larger multi-purpose space adjacent to the kitchen will meet a demand for rentable party/event space.


Indoor Walking Space
One of the most popular items that residents asked for was indoor walking space. The Town listened and explored the possibility of putting an elevated track around the gym. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough structural support to allow for this component without substantial vibrations resulting. The newest design includes a dedicated walking path throughout the Community Center corridors. And, for those nostalgic “Mall Walkers,” the owner of the former Mall (now Skyview on the Ridge) has agreed to provide access to the Mall corridor, so that residents can still enjoy the beautiful natural light during cold weather season.

Senior Programming
The town intends to move its senior programming operation from the dated, small space at Pinegrove to much more enhanced and suitable space at the new community center. This will not only provide better space for the traditional senior center activities, but, allow our Department of Recreation to completely reimage the programming, both passive and active, the Town provides to residents at all ends of the aging spectrum.

Dance Studio/Group Exercise
This space will be outfitted with hard-wood floors and provide a host of various programming.