Irondequoit Cemetery: New Cremains Section Available

There's now a new in-ground cremation only section at the Irondequoit Cemetery. This section is located to the east of our Columbariums.

This section is now available for pre or at-need use.

  • Each plot is 3’x3’ and can accommodate up to two sets of cremated remains.
  • Burials must be in an urn vault, marble urn or constructed of a material with the same integrity and longevity as an urn vault.
  • Only one 2’x1’ flat head stone is permitted per plot. (No 3’X1’ double stones)
  • This is a non-planting section. No urn vases will be allowed.
  • Each plot will cost $1,100.00 and have a $350.00 opening fee.

We are honored to serve our community and continue to strive to meet their changing needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 585-336-7079.