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Active Transportation Plan


Active Transportation Plan - Executive Summary
Active Transportation Plan - Final


Activity and street life are associated with higher quality of life. Although activity is often characterized by what people do and the places they go (e.g. shopping, eating, gathering), people biking and walking also increases the sense of activity in a community. Making it easier and more enjoyable for people to move to and through destinations--on foot and by bike--allows people to visit attractions, patronize businesses and enjoy our neighborhoods.

The ability for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike throughout the town was addressed in our recently adopted Comprehensive Master Plan. The Town recognized that a well connected community improves the quality of life of residents, promotes healthy living and supports economic development and tourism by allowing residents and visitors multiple ways to travel to Irondequoit’s many assets and destinations.

With the assistance of a grant from the Genesee Transportation Council, the Town has developed an Active Transportation Plan utilizing a collaborative planning process. Achieving this goal through team work and public input from representatives of neighborhood associations, school districts, students, seniors and other key stakeholder groups.

The findings from the Active Transportation Plan help inform community investment decisions and identify the capital improvement projects that will have the highest impact on active transportation and multi-modal connectivity throughout the Town. As that happens, we anticipate that the overall health of our community will be enhanced through a more active lifestyle. Improved connectivity among residential areas, commercial centers, and other key services will also enhance seniors’ ability to age in place.

By engaging in this holistic approach, Irondequoit will continue to develop as a community with strong neighborhoods, vibrant public realms, and a sense of place for residents of all ages and abilities.

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