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Date Posted: February 9, 2021

As a community, we are proud to be taking steps to achieve local environmental goals. The Town of Irondequoit is happy to be partnering with the Town and Village of Pittsford, the Town of Brighton, Joule Community Power, and our local partner Roctricity, to form Monroe Community Power. 

Through Monroe Community Power, the Town of Irondequoit is now offering our residents and small businesses a fully vetted community solar program. If you choose to participate in this program, you will be able to subscribe to a local community solar project, support the generation of renewable energy, and you can save up to 10% in electricity costs on your RG&E bill.

As a resident (homeowner and renter) or small business who enrolls in community solar you can:

➢ Access the benefits of solar without needing to install panels on your rooftop or property* 
 ➢ Save up to 10% annually on your electricity costs
➢ Support the development of clean, renewable electricity in NY State
➢ Participate without risk because you may cancel without penalty at any time

*If you have your own solar panels or participate in another solar program, you already receive solar credits and are thereby ineligible to enroll in a community solar program.  

Each enrollment in this community solar program, in addition to saving you money and supporting local renewable energy, will generate $50 for an Irondequoit Sustainability Fund, which will be used for a future project to benefit the community.

Because there is only so much power a solar farm can generate, these community solar farms will be closed to new enrollment when they become fully subscribed. Due to the large number of enrollments, the first solar farm has reached its capacity, and new enrollments will begin receiving the benefits as soon as the next solar farm is brought online. For additional information regarding enrollment and when you can expect to begin earning your solar credits, please visit:

Ask questions or get help with enrollment by calling Roctricity at (585) 244-0244.

Please join Supervisor Dave Seeley and the Monroe Community Power team to learn more about the program and get your questions answered at our Virtual Public Info Session on Thursday, February 18th at 6:30 PM.

Join the Zoom Meeting:

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