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Irondequoit Police Department Deploys Body Worn Cameras For Officers

Date Posted: April 14, 2019

Supervisor Dave Seeley and Chief of Police Richard Tantalo announced today the deployment of Body Worn Cameras within the Irondequoit Police Department. The technology will serve to even further enhance police-community relations in Irondequoit. All sworn personnel of the IPD will be issued a camera.

“The Irondequoit community is grateful for the service of our Police Department. As we continue to strive to be a transparent organization, body worn cameras will allow us to thoroughly document the contacts that our officers have with members of the public,” said Dave Seeley. “I applaud our Department’s leadership and our officers for their recognition of the importance of deploying this technology.”

“The deployment of Body Worn Cameras in the Irondequoit Police Department will allow us the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the citizens we interact with and build upon the level of public trust and confidence in our policing model,” said Chief Richard Tantalo. “The Irondequoit Police Department has been actively involved with the Greater Rochester Police Community Relations Partnership and has extended our community outreach to a greater community.”

Throughout the past year, the Irondequoit Police Department has worked to implement the six pillars of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, implemented by the Obama Administration. These pillars serve to strengthen the relationship between citizens and law enforcement. The use of Body Worn Cameras is seen as an important tool in police accountability and transparency.

Body Worn Cameras will be deployed through the issuance of a general order in the Department. The order was developed in collaboration of the Irondequoit Police Nightstick Club and various other community stakeholders.

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