Brush Pickup Program

April through Mid-November

Be sure to plan your work around the published pick-up schedule so that we can better serve you. Thanks!

Brush Pick-up Hotline: 336-6090 (option #3 - weekly pick-up schedule)

Street/Quadrant Directory
(Please click to find out which quadrant your street is in.)


Your cooperation is appreciated with a few simple requirements:

Branches must measure six feet or less in length, 
and no greater than six inches in diameter.

Place brush near the street in front of your home.
Do not park vehicles in front of the pile, or pile debris
around an obstacle (mail box, tree, telephone pole, etc.)

Up to 25 cubic yards will be removed at one time.
(This is roughly the size of two parking spaces)

Make sure there are no metal objects or stones in the pile.
They can damage the Town's wood chipper and seriously 
injure workers.

Do not tie or bundle your brush piles.

Do not place brush beneath power or communication wires.

Private landscape contractors must remove their own debris.

The Town's 2018 Brush Pick-Up Program will be as follows:

Northwest Quadrant (NW) is the corner of Town between the lake, the river, Kings Highway on the east and Seneca Park Avenue, including Totem Trail, Cooper Road and Titus Avenues on the south.

April 9

June 4

July 30

September 24

Northeast Quadrant (NE) is the area between Kings Highway and Irondequoit Bay and between Route 104 and Lake Ontario.

May 7

July 2

August 27

October 22

Southwest Quadrant (SW) encompasses the area of Town between Ridge Road East and Titus Avenue, between Kings Highway and the Genesee River, including Fairview Crescent and Sachem Way and south of Seneca Park Avenue.

April 23

June 18

August 13

October 8

Southeast Quadrant (SE) covers the areas bordered by the city, the bay, and Route 104.

May 21

July 16

September 10

November 5

Please refer to the map to locate your quadrant.

Street/Quadrant Directory 
(Please click to find out which quadrant your street is in.)

Waste Quadrant Map


The Town provides free curbside brush collection for branches and bushes (no leaves, please). Brush must be at the curb in front of your house by 7:00 a.m. on the Monday of your scheduled pick-up week. Please check the map and directory to determine your quadrant. Brush will be picked up in each quadrant during the two week period following the date listed above (not just the day).