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Enza Mineo
Town of Irondequoit
1280 Titus Avenue
Rochester, New York 14617
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Office Hours: Monday - Friday,
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The Town Assessor’s duties and responsibilities are determined by the New York State Real Property Tax Law and include: Preparation of the annual assessment role; administration of the complaint (grievance)/tax certiorari procedure; administration of exemptions; administration of the STAR program; and management of the continuous townwide revaluation effort.  The Town has a New York State certified Assessor appointed to a term of six years.

  1. 2014 Assessment / Sales
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2014 Assessment / Sales

This site was created to provide easily accessible, up-to-date assessment information on all residential and commercial properties in the Town of Irondequoit. It is your primary research tool for the 2013 tax roll. We hope you'll find all you need to know on this site.

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Why Are Property Assessments Important?

Property assessments are necessary to equitably distribute the tax burden among all property owners based upon the market value of their property. Properties are appraised so that some of the costs associated with providing services, such as public education, fire and police protection, roads and utilities, can be allocated to property owners in proportion to the market value of their individual properties.

Important Legal Dates on the Assessment Calendar

Taxable status date: March 1
Tentative assessment roll filed: May 1
Grievance Day: Fourth Tuesday in May
Final assessment roll filed: July 1

ALL Exemptions must be filed by March 1

2014 Final Roll
2015 Tentative Roll
NOTE: This roll is 5,320 pages. Please be careful when printing.

Property Information
What If I Don't Agree With My Assessed Value?

If, after an Informal Hearing, you are not satisfied with the value placed on your property, you may utilize the formal grievance procedure to appeal an assessment. More information on the formal grievance procedure is provided below:NOTE: Irondequoit requires that you submit only one set of the application with documentation.

Tax Exemption Information

Reminder from the Assessor's office:

It is that time of year that if you are 65 or older and are in the STAR Enhance program, it is time to renew your exemption.
STAR renewals will be mailed out in the beginning of November. If you do not receive your renewal by November 20th, then please give us a call at 336-6055.

We are asking property owners to submit copies of their 2011 income (We prefer the Federal Income tax return) with their application. The deadline for renewals is March 1. We encourage property owners to submit their renewals by January so that our office has time to process the applications.

If you are a senior that will be turning 65 years old during 2013, and your total adjusted income for 2011 is at or less then $79,050, then you may qualify for the STAR Enhance program. You need to apply for the exemption by March 1, 2013 even though your birthday may be after March 1, 2013. Please give our office a call and we will by happy to send you an application.

Our office number is 585-336-6055

Thank you,
Enza Mineo - Assessor

Partial property tax exemptions are available to property owners in the Town of Irondequoit who meet certain eligibility requirements.

Basic STAR exemption for school taxes is available on your primary residence regardless of age and income.

Enhanced STAR exemption for school taxes is available if you will be 65 years of age or over in the calendar year. Applications must be filed by March 1 with proof of age and adjusted gross income of less than $79,050 (less IRA distributions) on Federal Income Tax Return.

Senior Citizen's Aged exemption is available for all property taxes: town, county, and school. Application for this type of exemption must be made annually. Eligibility is primarily based on a minimum age of 65, and is also tied to gross income of less than $37,400.

Veteran’s exemption is only applicable to town and county taxes; however, most applicants need only apply once to receive this exemption on an yearly basis. Veterans who receive an exemption based on a disability are required to submit verification each year, except for those with permanent disability ratings.

Cold War Recognition Certificate is necessary for a special county property tax exemption for those who served in the armed forces between September 2, 1945 and December 26, 1991.

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