Assessor Forms

RP-425 Town Cover Letter
Residential Assessment Review Worksheet
Grievance Application Information & Instructions (RP524-ins)
Grievance Application (RP524)
Small Claims Worksheet
STAR Credit Information - NY Dept. of Tax & Finance
Enhanced STAR Application (RP-425-E)
Enhanced STAR Renewal Application (RP-425-Rnw)
Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (RP-425-IVP)
Senior Citizen Exemption - Instructions (RP-467I)
Senior Citizen Exemption - Application (RP-467)
Veterans' Exemptions Information - NY Dept. of Tax & Finance
Alternative Veterans' Exemption - Instructions (RP-458-a-ins)
Alternative Veterans' Exemption - Application (RP-458-a)
Cold War Veterans' Exemption - Instructions (RP-458-b-ins)
Cold War Veterans' Exemption - Application (RP-458-b)
Veterans - Eligible Funds Exemption - Instructions (RP-458-ins)
Veterans - Eligible Funds Exemption - Application (RP-458)
Disability Exemption - Instructions (RP-459-ins)
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