i-square-concept-9-11I-Square, LLC was established in March 2011 to redevelop and revitalize a distressed retail/residential area property in the Cooper-Hudson-Titus Avenue Area of the town of Irondequoit, NY. I-Square property is approximately 2.5 acres and is owned and operated by Michael Nolan, a resident of Irondequoit.

The high demand and potential this area has is significant but is untapped. I-Square revitalization plans includes mirroring the town’s 2003 Cooper-Hudson-Titus Master Plan and its call for a pedestrian-friendly, community-oriented, mixed-use “town center.” The goals of these plans include:

  • developing a “Four Corners” by extending Cooper Rd and eliminating Union Park
  • creating a Town Square by blending shopping, dining, living, and playing in one place
  • constructing all new buildings with modern amenities and interesting architecture
  • making crosswalks safer and the entire area more pedestrian and bike friendly
  • promoting an atmosphere that is safe and fun for all ages
  • incorporating a stage for community concerts and an Art Gallery for local artists
  • working with local businesses and supporting their efforts
  • involving the community in all aspects of the development process

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