New Regulations for Pawnbrokers & Secondhand Dealers

At its October meeting the Irondequoit Town Board unanimously approved new regulations that would create a licensing and reporting program for personal property acquired by pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, and jewelry and coin exchange dealers.

This new law builds on a measure passed last year by Monroe County, providing Irondequoit law enforcement officials with additional tools to recover stolen property in town.

The Pawnbroker, Secondhand Dealer, and Jewelry and Coin Exchange Dealer code was introduced this past August. During a September public hearing, the Town Board heard from several residents who were victims of theft, many of whom lost valuable family heirlooms when the stolen items were sold to secondhand dealers. This legislation addresses that problem by creating the following regulations:

  • Requires background checks and licensing of all pawnshop, secondhand dealers, and pawnbrokers in the Town of Irondequoit
  • Prohibits dealers from purchasing any items from an individual under the age of 18
  • Requires dealers to wait a minimum of 14 days before destroying or disposing of any items, and allows the Chief of Police to extend that period for up to 90 additional days
  • Requires dealers to verify the identification and contact information of all customers, and maintain accurate, detailed, and photographic records of all items collected and sold
  • Requires dealers to report all items collected and sold to the Irondequoit Police Department
  • Requires all items established to have been stolen to be turned over to the Irondequoit Police Department

The measure adopted by the Board is a collaborative effort between the Town of Irondequoit, the Irondequoit Police Department, the Department of Community Development, and the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office.

“Giving our police force the tools necessary to recover stolen property is critical in deterring crime,” said Supervisor Adam Bello. “This new law will implement the strongest regulations in Monroe County in deterring those who wish to profit from their crimes, and helping those who have been victimized recover their stolen property.”

“This measure is a common sense approach aimed at curtailing criminals who try to profit by selling stolen goods for cash,” said Councilman Dave Seeley, who introduced the measure. “Removing a thief’s financial incentive to commit crimes will protect our residents, and send a message that Irondequoit will not tolerate those who prey on our citizens.”

“Today, the Town Board took a major step in protecting our neighborhoods and businesses,” said Irondequoit Police Chief Richard Tantalo. “These new regulations will give us the ability to recover stolen property, and enhance our investigations by removing anonymity from transactions at these particular establishments.”

“I want to thank the Town of Irondequoit for working with my office to ensure that residents and business owners in Irondequoit are protected from those who are trying to profit from their crimes,” said Monroe County District Sandra Doorley. “These new rules and regulations will ensure that my office has the tools it needs to prosecute those who would prey on our citizens to the fullest extent of the law.”