Tree Donation to Zoo/Schools

Today, the Town of Irondequoit delivered dozens of tree trunks and branches to the Seneca Park Zoo to enhance a number of animal habitats. The partnership is part of the town’s strategic plan to repurpose natural materials removed from the construction site of the new Irondequoit Public Library approved by voters last year.

“As partners in government we are always looking for ways to share resources and enhance the quality of life for all residents,” said Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks. “On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Seneca Park Zoo visitors and the animals who will benefit from the addition of these repurposed trees, I want to thank Supervisor Adam Bello and the Town of Irondequoit for adding to the great exhibits we have at our Zoo.”

As part of the construction process a number of trees had to be removed from the east lawn of the Town Hall campus in order to make room for the new, state-of-the-art library building.

To ensure the trees were not wasted, the Town of Irondequoit worked with the Seneca Park Zoo and local schools to find uses for the wood.

"It is great that we can use the trees that have been so beneficial for the Town here at the Zoo,” said Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director. “Reusing these trees to enhance the lives of the animals here at the Zoo is a great example of true grassroots conservation of resources."

In addition to animal exhibits at the Seneca Park Zoo, wood from trees that have been removed will be used by students from the Eastridge and Irondequoit High Schools to build fixtures for the new library and the Town Hall Campus.

“As a community that values our natural beauty and green space, one of the main concerns Irondequoit residents expressed about the placement of the new library was the loss of trees,” said Supervisor Adam Bello. “I am glad that we were able to answer those concerns by recycling the trees back into our community, ensuring they will not be wasted. I want to thank the Seneca Park Zoo, and students from the East and West Irondequoit School Districts for repurposing the trees so they will continue to be enjoyed by our residents.”

Construction of the library is underway and is expected to be completed by the fall of 2015.